• Introduction


    Robocup Junior is a great place to start learning about robotics. We want to help Australia have more people working in STEM careers, especially engineering. The most powerful learning we have seen is the initiative and drive student have shown in their quest to win at Robocup Jr. We want to give more students the opportunity to discover the fun and excitement that can come from learning about technology.

  • Getting Started

    Begin your technology journey

    Robocup Jr.

    Competition as learning

    Robocup Jr has two events in Tasmania:

    Hobart regional event in July

    State finals in August


    Both events are open to the public and free to spectators



    Robocup Junior

    Competition to jump start learning

    Learn more about Robocup Junior at the national site: https://robocupjunior.org.au/.


    See upcoming Tasmanian Robocup Jr. events:



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    Robotic clubs

    informal drop-in learning

    Bob Elliott runs several free (or gold coin donation) robotics clubs:


    Enterprize code club - Mondays at 5:30, 24 Davies St.

    Hobart Hackerspace open night - 7:30 Thursday nights, New Town.

    Hackerspace robotics club - 4:00 - 6:30 Friday afternoons





    UTAS Robotics

    Students mentoring students

    Students from the local FRC team (https://firstaustralia.org/programs/first-robotics-competition/) do outreach by mentoring younger students in the FLL, FTC, and Robocup Jr. competitions.

    FLL robotics teams

    Robot missions in Lego land

    First Lego League (FLL) is a robotics competition where spend 10 weeks preparing their robot for a series of themed missions on a playing field of mechanical Lego challenges and obstacles. Students also compete by making a presentation about how they would solve a real-life problem related to that year's theme.


    Season: August, September, and October each year.


    Teams at A-lab and UTAS Sandy Bay (Friday nights).


    Cost: usually about $10 per student per week.

    LINCs and councils

    Robotics activities in your local area

    Glenorchy LINC - Regular robotics programs

    Kingbourough Council - Now has EV3 robots?

    Derwent Valley Youth Action Task Force - Holidays and FLL

    TAG - Tasmanian Association of Gifted

    Accelerated challenges for talented minds

    TAG runs a robotics group on Sundays (9-3 pm?) at Goulburn Street Primary School.


    Cost: $10 per week? (or annual membership in TAG?)


    Robotics workshops by a pro

    Robotman runs commercial robotics workshops. A former robotics teacher from Victoria, he brings along all the robot gear you need.




    Cost: $100-200?

    Teacher support

    Get your school started with Robocup Jr.

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    Parents - help your school get started

    Sending a test signal from your Micro:bit

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